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Real quick about me…

It all started being born to a 16-year-old single mother. I grew up in Section-8 Housing (government assistance) in San Diego and both parents didn’t graduate high school.

In my elementary school days was considered hyper active, ADD and ADHD. I was so wild that for several school years I had my own seat away from the rest of the class because I was a “distraction for the other students”. Can you imagine that!? An 8-11 year sitting in a 3 wall cubicle and isolated, while the teacher to the other 25 kids… yea.. that was me! 

I was a knucklehead growing up and wanted to be a tough guy. Throughout my teens and early 20s I was in and out of trouble. I was never a bad guy, buy you know… I wasn’t making the best decisions

I met my Wife at 24 and became a Dad at 26. During this time I found personal development and became f#% obsessed with “getting better”. This was the part when the story changed…

I became a president of a college in my late 20s. Now in my mid 30s I operate multiple businesses producing over 7-Figures Annually and 2 doing 8-Figures Annually. I’m also an equity Partner of over 26 businesses. I’ve been awarded multiple 2-Comma Club and 2-Comma Club X Awares being recognized by ClickFunnels as one of the top online coaches in the world.

Also been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine.. and Made Inc 5000 #332 fastest growing CEO’s in America!

Yes life was a struggle growing up and through my 20’s… and yes, today life has become a dream!

If I were to single out #1 thing that has contributed to my success… It was that I gained the skillset to CLOSE HIGH TICKET DEALS at the highest level! I’ve been a hard worker, I’ve been “the guy” – but, when I learned how to slam deals (ethically)… sheshh… everything changed. I’ve been able to create a crazy lifestyle (buying 4 super cars in the last 12-months does buy happiness regardless of what anybody tells you), make my family proud, and help students and businesses all across the world.

This is what High Ticket Sales and Closing has meant for me and now it’s your turn.

In my programs, I teach you everything I know… and the only left for you to do is take the keys, stick and in and drive.

See You At The Top! 🚀




Provide you with the strategic clarity you need to design the right offers, funnels and ad strategy to build a 7 or 8 Figure Business that impacts other people’s lives.


Help you develop the best, highest quality offers (products & services), funnels (how you sell what you sell), and brand to reach your ideal customers online.


Help you manage, optimize & scale your funnels and offers online through ongoing management and optimization with our team of proven experts.

What is a Funnel you may be asking?

Well, it depends on who you ask. Some believe it’s simply a way to point and click and see one product on a landing page at a time, which eliminates buyer confusion.

We agree, this might be sufficient!

However, there is more to it these days when it comes to marketing online while using Funnels that are EFFICIENTLY providing the best offers at the right price and time are key for longevity and predictability of your business.

Let us help you with your EMPIRE strategy for a long term solution!

Another great reason to choose us as your Digital Marketing Partners is that we have a proven track record of success and can help you just like we’ve helped so many other entrepreneurs over the years.
We put the systems in place for your business so your business works for you rather than you working for your business. There’s nothing like owning a business that works for you so you can spend the time doing what you love to do. We call that living a life worth living.
We Would love to help you fulfill your dreams! More than just setting up a simple website or a funnel, but what you can do with the wealth you’ve created once you have acquired it.
So, get a quote today and jump on a quick 30-minute No Pitch strategy session for your business today to see how funnels can automate a life worth living. 

Case Studies

$584,000 In The First Monthing


In just 1 month, they were able to generate about $368,000 worth of revenue and $216,000 in personal training sales.They wereup around 1600 sessions a month and set Yearly Records, Best Month Ever Fitness records, New Business Unit records, Personal Training Revenue records and New Client Growth records. Grand opened a new facility and set every single record there as well.

$12,500 In Just 4 Days


Just after 4 days, they were able to close their first deal at $12,500. He listened to Mike, put in the action, follow the playbook and keep winning!
*Disclaimer: Results will vary and it depends on the hard work, time and effort that is put in.
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